Sunday, April 8, 2007

online films - speech at cannes

"Film online should be seen as an additional distribution channel which will complement other parts of the value chain. The collective experience of seeing a film in a cinema will remain a privileged medium. Experience shows that the advent of television and video has not resulted in the disappearance of film in cinema theatres. On the contrary, videos, and DVD in particular, have “boosted” the public’s taste for film. Hence, the Internet offers immense opportunity for the European film industry. It is a new outlet that will provide additional revenue.

Film online offers opportunities to reach new audiences, including international audiences. Audiences are often currently deprived of access to certain films – either for geographical reasons or because more artistic or experimental films often have difficulty in being screened widely. Film online can therefore contribute to the promotion of European cultural diversity, including on international markets, by offering the public a wider choice. "

in cannes2005

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